**This is a 2-player competitive game!**

Both of you are Shift-Keys trying to survive under a filthy programmer's grubby
fingers and his constant abuse. All the other keys have already fallen, and one
of you is next...
Use your Shift! powers to swap positions with each other. Why? Because only one
of you can survive.
Don't get hit by falling hazards, they will deduct your health and do bad stuff.
Some fallen keys may give you little benefits to help you survive the programmer's
onslaught, while others may just hinder your survival out of spite and jealousy.
Try to figure out what each fallen key does!
Lastly, if you get hit by the programmer's finger, then everything will be OVER.
Have fun and good luck!


Player 1 (Lifty the Left Shift):

  • W to jump,
  • A and D to move left and right
  • S to taunt/dance
  • Left shift to swap positions with your opponent

Player 2 (Rifty the Right Shift):

  • ↑ to jump,
  • ← and → to move left and right
  • ↓ to taunt/dance
  • Right shift to swap positions with your opponent


  • Avoid the obstacles
  • Avoid the finger of death
  • Get powerups
  • Make your opponent lose!

Alternative Download Link to Windows/Mac:

Source Code, Readme and Team:


Windows.zip 23 MB
Mac.zip 38 MB

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